The Plant is a DIY community gallery, event venue and workspace available to facilitate and develop your ideas. The space may be used to host your event for a minimum donation of $20.00 plus 10% of ticket sales, sale of works (art, CDs, sculptures, etc.), and other sales (food, drinks, etc.) if applicable.

Your event must be presented for approval at an Open Meeting (Tuesdays at 6pm) and include this Proposal Agreement and your initial $20.00 donation. Donations may be made online with a debit card at

Our event fees are low because accessibility for all is part of our mission. If, in addition to the fees above, you can donate a work (painting, drawing, CD, sculpture, etc.) to be auctioned off at a fundraising event for The Plant, please initial here:

**All content provided through this form, unless indicated as private, will be used to add your event to The Plant's online calendar.**

Event Information

Event files (PDF flyer or PNG/JPEG graphics for your event. File size limit 3 MB. )

Event time and date

If your event is reoccurring, put the date and time info for your first event.

Do you need rehearsal time and space at The Plant?*

Ticketing and purchases

Will items be for sale?*

Event Agreement

The Plant will add your event to The Plant’s event calendar. However, self-promotion is the key to successful events.


As the event organizer, you will:

  1. Create a flyer that includes The Plants address (517 West Gaines Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32301)
    and share with The Plant.
  2. Advertise your event using social media and traditional methods
  3. If you need assistance with your self-promotion, you will address this at your event presentation on Tuesday.


The Plant will:

  1. Add your event to our Facebook page
  2. Hang your flyer in The Plant’s windows

During Event

As the event organizer, you will:

  1. Take photographs for The Plant’s archives and for posting to Facebook and other social media
  2. Ensure proper use of The Plant facilities (treated with respect)
  3. Collect event donations
  4. Market The Plant (distribute flyers in the community)


The Plant will:

  1. Ensure building access
  2. Check for cleanliness before event starts


As the event organizer, you will:

  1. Clean event space (sweep/ vacuum, clean sink(s), turn off all electronics, lock back and front doors,
    leave keys)
  2. Give applicable donations to The Plant members no later than next Open Meeting (Tuesdays at 6pm)



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