Building a community together: A collaborative 3-d art project.

Hosted by artist Rei Meyers. For Rei, art is communication—between us and other people, our community, nature, government, our higher selves and the universe. Often holistic, subtle and ambiguous, communication through art often receives less value in a world that lifts up facts and data. However, it is the mystery and softness of art that is just as necessary for our souls and our society.

Rei’s art is an extension of his work to understand people and how we communicate and interact with the world, including each other. His work is simple, accessible, and often collaborative, with no gatekeepers. Creating art together is a revolutionary act of love. We need more love in the world.

Workshop date: Saturday, March 31
Workshop times: 12-3pm
Ages 10 and up

Workshop description: Peaceful, harmonious communities are organic creations. A neighborhood is built from the collective work of all who live, play and work there. The “improvements” of outside entities rarely makes life better for the people living there. In fact, redevelopment often displaces the people who were once the soul of the community. The violence done to the community isn’t beneficial to anyone but those who make a profit.

This project is about collaboratively (re)making a vibrant community from resources that are already there. We’re just doing it on a much smaller scale. By working together and combining our unique ideas we’re waging peace and building community.

Participants will create their own model of a part of a peaceful neighborhood street. They can build a house, a school, a community garden, a storefront, a park or anything else one might find in a neighborhood. Each participant will be given a 12” x 12” foam board base on which they can build using found materials. Each base will have a road and sidewalk section along the front edge. Once the models are complete they will be displayed lined up as a neighborhood street on exhibit at the Waging Peace at the Plant Exhibition in May.
Building Community Together Flyer 2018-02-25.png

Exhibition in May

The artwork created in the Waging Peace at The Plant Workshop Series will be exhibited during the month of May in conjunction with the FSU Museum of Fine Art’s Waging Peace! Exhibition.  Teaching materials available.

The Waging Peace at The Plant exhibition opening reception will be on Friday, May 11, 2018 from 7pm to 9pm. Open gallery hours to be announced.