Waging Peace Workshop: Creating P(ea/ie)ce

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Hosted by artists Hayley Munn and Jenn Egelfeld. Hayley grew up raised by an art teacher doing art. Creating has always been a passion of hers—especially painting and ceramics. Since high school, however, she decided to explore other fields and subject areas such as literature, the French language and culture, art history, teaching STEAM programming and English as a second language, and health and the environment. Now, she has come full circle in her interests, realizing that art has always been a part of who she is, how she sees, and what she does. Hayley is currently pursuing her masters degree in art education at FSU and she is very excited to combine two of her dearest loves—teaching children and art—as a future art teacher.
Jenn Egelfeld (b. 1995) Fair Lawn, NJ; lives and works in Tallahassee, FL; is a multidisciplinary artist who works in book-making, papermaking, digital fabrication, and socially engaged collaboration. Being from a small town in New Jersey, less than an hour from New York City (later moving to Tampa), Jenn has always had a relationship with heavily built urban environments, as well as well-groomed suburban landscapes. With growing concern over climate change and environmental degradation, she sought to explore the roles of human ecosystems in degrading–but also enhancing–their natural surroundings and the lives of their inhabitants. Interested in the way humans perceive nature as separate from themselves or their creations, she works to bridge that gap by likening architecture and the built landscape to botanical specimens, comparing the two, while criticizing the divide that destroys individual agency to bring about change.

Jenn is currently earning her Bachelor in Fine Arts, Studio Art at Florida State University. In her last semester, she is producing an Honors Thesis known as the Beaver Collective, in which she will host workshops at the Plant to encourage environmental action through art, connecting participants with their artistic faculties to enact change, and exemplifying alternative artistic processes using recycled and natural material.
Workshop date: Sunday, March 4
Workshop times: 1:30pm-3:30pm
All Ages
Workshop description: As we wage peace in our community, this workshop aims attention at recycling and takes action to raise consciousness of the amount of waste we produce by experimenting with how trash might be used differently. In this workshop, we will focus on promoting more harmonious relationships with our environment through creating found object art installations made with recyclables. Participants will learn about how we might reframe how we see trash in our community, as well as how we may work on making less trash. Using the spaces of our surrounding neighborhoods, local parks, and nature reserves for inspiration, we will create our sculptures using found materials. The completed artworks will be exhibited in the Art Alley during the May exhibition.

Exhibition in May

The artwork created in the Waging Peace at The Plant Workshop Series will be exhibited during the month of May in conjunction with the FSU Museum of Fine Art’s Waging Peace! Exhibition.  Teaching materials available.

The Waging Peace at The Plant exhibition opening reception will be on Friday, May 11, 2018 from 7pm to 9pm. Open gallery hours to be announced.