Waging Peace Workshop: Pods of Peace


Hosted by artist Jennifer Haskins, a fashion designer and milliner from North Carolina. She has 10 years of art teaching experience in public schools and also loves to roller skate and play the ukulele. You can find some of her creations at softedgedesigns.etsy.com.

Workshop dates:  January 27                                                                                                       Workshop times: 11am-3pm

Workshop description: How can we both speak with and listen to each other about celebrating and working towards Peace in Tallahassee? During this workshop, we will collectively create “peace pods” out of paper mache’ using local and national newspapers, balloons, and other inflatable balls. We will paper mache’ with newspaper to emphasize what is going on in our community and to create a space for the articles we want to read in our paper. While our peace pods are drying, we will create a work (or works) that expands the dialogue about our important topics and expresses the news you would like to see in our local paper. This can be a written article, a drawing, a painting, a collage, a song, or poem (or whatever you craft) that will be put into a peace pod.


Exhibition in May

The artwork created in the Waging Peace at The Plant Workshop Series will be exhibited during the month of May in conjunction with the FSU Museum of Fine Art’s Waging Peace! Exhibition.  Teaching materials available.

The Waging Peace at The Plant exhibition opening reception will be on Friday, May 11, 2018 from 7pm to 9pm. Open gallery hours to be announced.