Waging Peace Soundtrack

The Waging Peace Soundtrack

The Waging Peace Soundtrack is an eclectic assembly of music, atmospheres, sounds and voices collected from a variety of sources and audio libraries. It is equal parts optimistic, contemplative, explosive, meditative, organic, melodic, unsettling, innocent, hopeful, spontaneous, silly, spiritual, grooving, melancholy and energizing — the sonic equivalent of everything the visual artists brought to this project.

Most speaking participants you hear in the recordings were asked just a simple question:
“What does waging peace mean to you?”

This soundtrack will be played and added to during the Waging Peace at the Plant Workshops, and during the Waging Peace at the Plant Exhibition in May. This soundtrack will be accessible to the public after the culmination of the project.

Soundtrack created by artist Glenn Swan of Burlap Productions. Sound informs our everyday lives on a deep level — whether it’s music in the dentist office, engine noise from the car, the voice of a loved one or the marching band in a parade. It’s everywhere and it’s invisible. Just as a photographer places a frame around an ordinary object to enhance its significance, Glenn builds a soundtrack to enhance the story that’s already being told. Glenn has worked and lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Toronto as an audio engineer and sound designer for theater. He has received multiple awards for his work and continues to write & mix music as Burlap Productions to share through various online music platforms.

Burlap Productions presents this project under a creative commons license.

Exhibition in May

The artwork created in the Waging Peace at The Plant Workshop Series will be exhibited during the month of May in conjunction with the FSU Museum of Fine Art’s Waging Peace! Exhibition.  Teaching materials available.

The Waging Peace at The Plant exhibition opening reception will be on Friday, May 11, 2018 from 7pm to 9pm. Open gallery hours to be announced.